Dollarhide Family Name History

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History of the name in America
By William W. Dollarhide, Salt Lake City, Utah

Installment One
The Beginning of the Dollarhide Name in America

Francis Dollahide arrives in Maryland in 1680 from Ireland.
The origins of the name.
The first three generations

 Descendancy Records
By William W. Dollarhide,  Salt Lake City, Utah
Click below to see the direct descendants of the following:

Jesse Dollarhide of Oregon

Rev. John Dollarhide of Northern California, Oregon & Washington


Notes from the "Bills"
"Pensacola Bill"

"The Dollarhide clan is very lucky to have a person named Dollarhide who is also a widely recognized genealogist.  He is Bill Dollarhide of Salt Lake City, Utah. He has written a partial history of the name in America and the two descendancies on this site.

Notes from the author:
"Salt Lake Bill"

"I have been a Dollarhide genealogist since 1970."

"Early on, I wrote to about 100 Dollarhides in America, which is all I could find in telephone books, and got only one letter back. But things have changed, and now there are many of you who are interested in the family history. There are about 500 phonebook entries for the name Dollarhide today."

"I prepared the two descendancies on this website, one for Jesse Dollarhide (1816-1888), who went to Oregon; and the other for Rev. John Dollarhide (1814-1869), who went to California. They were both sons of Jesse Dollarhide, Sr. (1785-1840). I can add two more, for the other sons: Joel Dollarhide, who died in Council Bluffs, IA and Rev. William Dollarhide of IN, IA, and who died in OR."

"The formatting of the text in the Rev. John and Jesse of OR descendancies is not perfect because of the limitations in the HTML layout capabilities. The numbering of people may seem confusing."

"I also have over 1,000 8-1/2"x11" pages of research notes, photos, documents, etc. relating to the Dollarhide families in America since 1680, organized by Dollarhides in MD, NC, SC, VA, KY, TN, OH, IN, IL, IA, NE, MS, AL, AR, TX, CA, OR, and WA. I will make copies of these notes for anyone interested. "

"Most of my work pre-dates personal computers by about 10 years, and I have not been able to get everything I have collected in electronic media. But I have plans to scan all documents, index them, and then make a CD-ROM of the whole works. It would be the raw research, notes, from which families, pedigrees, and descendancies could be extracted. "


Site established 1/19/98.


This site was started and is maintained by
Bill Dollarhide of Pensacola, Florida.